To Brand or Not to Brand...

What do you customers really think about your brand? Even if you do not have a logo, you still have a brand. "How can that be?" you might ask... It's actually pretty simple. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand, it's not the entire brand. Your brand is the sum total of your logo, marketing, signage, cleanliness, customer service and customer experience. Contrary to popular belief, you do not make your own reputation, other people make it for you based on their experience with you. Something as small as a dirty restroom could have a negative impact on a customer experience with your brand.

As branding consultants, we not only design logos and write copy that will resonate with your customers and prospects, we also offer Branding Strategy which includes training and coaching that will reinforce your brand standards. Small and medium size businesses can not afford to have negative reviews online and lose potential customers because of someones negative experience with your brand. Let us help you build a brand and reputation that will help you foster growth and customer loyalty.

Okay... But I Still Need a Logo, Right?

Of course you do! Your logo is the centerpiece of your business image. It's on your business cards and stationary. It's on your invoices and on your website. Why settle for copy and paste clip art when your business needs a sharp, professional logo? At Envision Marketing, we specialize in small and medium size business branding. Let us help you leave the RIGHT first impression. Your company depends on it!